Spring is here, and with it the chores and rituals that come with a renewed sense of purpose. While the rest of the country stirs, opens up doors and windows, and ventures tentatively outside, here in South Florida we close our screen-doors and windows, turn up the AC, and hope summer will delay its arrival (or at least I do). The days have begun to feel hot and muggy. Put away are jackets and long pants. And for a displaced knitter like me the thought of working on a scarf, blanket, or sweater is inconceivable. So I tend to chores and projects that are more attuned to the days and weather at hand.

I love purging, so spring is a great time to dig deep into closets and toss all things that have not seen the light of day in over a year. This time around I decided to toss shoes, shirts, and pants that either I no longer wear or need, or whose colors don’t match my updated color palette. I’ve donated work-shirts that I used to wear when I lived in NYC 9 years ago. Gone are loafers, trainers, and sandals that no sensible gay would wear to Sunday brunch. And underwear? I tossed so many pairs of briefs and boxers it’s a wonder I ever wore them twice — if at all.

I’ve paired my wardrobe colors down to four: khaki, blue, heather grey, and heather green. That’s it. Any item that does not meet the color code has been disposed. It’s now easier to decide what I’ll wear in the morning since my choices are limited. Sometimes not having a choice is the best choice there is.

With the renewed sense of purpose, I also turned to the site and gave it a slight spruce. A new theme gives the Home page the excerpt collection I was looking for, and the post pages have a layout that I think is stylish and easy on the eyes. The site’s update is influenced by posts to come, since I decided to start documenting my projects, their progress, and day-to-day’s once again with renewed enthusiasm. I miss blogging and connecting to friends and readers online, so I hope this spring’s eternal and here to stay.

The site is dusty, neglected, and a bit untidy, but a hearty spring cleaning will do us both some good. I have a few projects I’d like to pick up this season, and I want to continue learning and practicing my Portuguese style knitting. So I hope you’ll pull up a chair, pick up your work, and join along with me. There’s gossip to catch up on, so cast on your yarn and lets get to it.

8 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Hooraaay! Glad to see you back at it, Walter. I’m a bit few and far between on my blogs right now what with life intervening–and peddling my Aztec show. It’s up right now for the third time at the Santa Fe Community College. Hope to post something more soon.
    Cheers, Richard

  2. DARLING! WELCOME BACK, KNITTING BUDDY! love the way you have cleaned up the blog! and I hope all those clothes went to a worthy charity.

    I see some of my fave friends on your blog list. queerjoe lives about 1 hour from me, but we have never met in person. and I still have you as a friend on ravelry!

    can’t wait to see what you are knitting; smooch!

    1. Your comment made me drop a few stitches. No matter. It’s lovely to hear from you. Now get your yarn and needles and pull up a chair. I’ve got shit to tell ya, gurrrrrl…

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