Toque you

Toque. Beanie. Cap. Hat.

Call them what you will, but toques are some of the easiest, fun, and practical projects you can knit. Once I mastered the in’s-and-out’s of the knit and purl, I decided that a hat would be one of my first knitting projects. With two nephews going to school up north, I thought knitting something to keep their noggins warm would be a good thing.

One of my nephews took to my projects. He wanted a few toques in grey, the slouchy kind. I knitted a few for him and according to my sister, she caught him wearing it one morning on his way to brunch. She said he wears it all the time it’s so cold in Ohio. My other nephew conveniently “lost” his cap in a pile of laundry. Pity, because the colors he chose actually came out looking nicer than I originally thought.

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite knitted toques. I’m proud of my efforts, even though these are the third, fourth, and oft-times fifth versions of the hat. I can’t tell you how much yarn I’ve tossed getting the tension and ribbing right. K2, P2 doesn’t come easily to me, as I get distracted and lose my spot on the row. No matter…these hats made it all the way to the bind-off and to a person’s head. Some look better than others but each has a story and heart-felt emotions for the person I gave them to. Maybe next winter one of them will make its way to yours.

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