Boot edge edge!

Your time in the closet and your journey to coming out belong to you. You are not required to open healed wounds or write lengthy threads in order to explain your worth to others who aren’t willing to see it themselves. You matter first.

~ Chasten Buttigieg via Twitter

The more I learn about Mayor Pete Buttigieg (pronounced Boot-edge-edge) the more I like him. Not because the way to pronounce his last name includes two of my favorite fetishes ( 😳 🤭 😬 ), nor because he’s gay — but because he’s such a decent contrast to the twit we have in the White House. I promised myself when I started writing this blog that I would not write about politics nor the Fake-Prez who’s ruining the country, but the Buttigiegs make my booty shake with hopes that we can return our country to what it used to be: honest, decent, law-abiding, compassionate, kind.

While Mayor Pete runs for office, his husband Chasten is making news himself by publishing clever, funny tweets on his Twitter feed. I look forward to reading them every day just to keep up with them. As regular folk, I’d love to be friends with them and find out what a weekend Bar-B-Q would be like. They’re the real thing when it comes to “regular” guys, and if Pete seems a bit “stiff” at times when he’s being interviewed, Chasten sure makes him look more like a regular guy than not. Chasten would certainly make a perfect knitting circle addition. I can only imagine his witty remarks served along with finely crafted finger-foods, chilled Pinot Grigio, and clever repartee.

I encourage everyone to follow both of them and learn more about Mayor Pete’s run for office. I’ve included a few links to interviews and videos about him. The 2020 election may still be far away, but it’s never early enough to screen and learn about who to vote for.

Pete Buttigieg Isn’t Just Winning Over People on the Internet, The Atlantic

What does Pete Buttigieg bring to the table? Experience — really. The Washington Post

Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Fake Vice President’s support of Fake Prez:

Pete Buttigieg, Gay and Christian, Challenges Religious Right on Their Own Turf, The New York Times

Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Ind., Joins Democratic 2020 Race, The New York Times

Pete Buttigieg (It’s ‘Boot-Edge-Edge’) Is Making Waves in the 2020 Race, The New York Times

Why You Love Mayor Pete, The New York Times

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  1. I have given money to pete, and to no one else. pete has captured me just like barack obama and bill clinton did when they were running. intelligent, well spoken, human, caring person who loves his husband and puppies. and he does his own laundry!

  2. Pete and Chaston are such a delight. I watched Mayor Pete’s big announcement today, and I just kept thinking: what was unimaginable for me as a gay kid, is now real for kids today.

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